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Elysium Healthcare

About the Project

OTL successfully transformed Hillview Hospital, transitioning it from a CAMHS Tier 4 secure facility into an adult medium-secure facility in two phases. In Phase 1, we renovated Brenin Ward, introducing new bedrooms, wet rooms, living areas, and a modern catering kitchen. Phase 2 expanded into Ebbw Ward, adding more bedrooms, wet rooms, classrooms, and an IT suite, with HVAC throughout. Collaborating closely with hospital staff, we redesigned the space to create a brighter, more inviting environment. Custom window guards and padded seclusion rooms enhanced safety and aesthetics. We completed the project on time and budget, earning Phase 3 in June 2024.

Scope of Works

  • Convert CAMHS Tier 4 to adult medium-secure facility.

  • Phase 1: Renovate Brenin Ward, including bedrooms, wet rooms, and kitchen.

  • Phase 2: Expand into Ebbw Ward with new bedrooms, classrooms, and IT suite.

  • Install HVAC system for climate control.

  • Collaborate on design for a brighter and homely environment.

  • Create custom window guards and padded seclusion rooms.

  • Minimize disruption by daily operational planning.

  • Successfully deliver on time and budget, securing Phase 3.

Key Features

Modernized Living Spaces

Upgraded living areas, wet rooms, and catering facilities to enhance patient comfort and convenience.

Collaborative Design

Worked closely with Hospital Managers to create a lighter, more homely environment, with mood boards and mood lighting.

Enhanced Safety and Aesthetics

Custom window guards and color-matched padding in seclusion rooms improve both safety and the overall ambiance.

On-Time and Budget Delivery

Successfully completed the project on schedule and within budget, fostering strong client relationships and earning Phase 3.

"OTL's exceptional work at Hillview Hospital sets a high industry standard. Their commitment to excellence, on-time delivery, and patient well-being are truly commendable"

Leah Moss

Project Director

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