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Lisa Potter


6 Months






About the Project

Lisa Potter, a visually impaired resident of Pontypool, faced a distressing situation when she paid £6,500 for a garden renovation that turned out to be hazardous and subpar. The fence had warped, the decking was improperly installed, and the patio was littered with uneven bricks and offcuts, rendering her outdoor space unusable. In response, three local companies, Dragon Taxis, The Edenstone Group, and OTL Group, rallied together to rectify the situation. Martin Barnfield, operations director at OTL Group, expressed shock at the initial poor quality of the work.

Now, just in time for spring, the transformation is complete. Lisa Potter, with her guide dog Henry, expresses profound gratitude for the revitalization of her garden. The decking was reconstructed for safety and accessibility, and the entire garden was revamped into a secure haven for her, her family, and Henry. The fence was also expertly refurbished, ensuring its longevity. Jack Price of Dragon Taxis expressed disappointment at Lisa's initial experience and emphasized their commitment to community support. The Edenstone Group and OTL provided their skilled craftsmanship, culminating in a job well done. Nick Barrett, operations manager at Ashgrove Partnerships, detailed the extensive improvements, including new fencing, re-turfed gardens, enhanced accessibility, and aesthetic enhancements. This collaborative effort has not only restored Lisa's confidence but also given her a renewed appreciation for her outdoor space.

Scope of Works

  • Assess existing garden conditions and identify safety hazards.

  • Remove and dispose of substandard materials, including fencing and decking.

  • Level patio area to ensure a safe and even surface.

  • Procure and install high-quality fencing and decking materials.

  • Integrate tactile and visual cues for enhanced accessibility.

  • Provide and plant suitable vegetation to enhance the garden environment.

  • Conduct a thorough safety inspection upon completion of the project.

  • Ensure Lisa's satisfaction and address any additional specific requests or concerns.

Key Features

Enhanced Safety Measures

The project will prioritize safety by removing substandard materials and implementing tactile and visual cues for improved accessibility, ensuring a secure and hazard-free outdoor space for Lisa and her guide dog.

High-Quality Materials and Workmanship

Dragon Taxis, Edenstone Group, and OTL Group will collaborate to source and install premium fencing and decking materials, backed by over 35 years of construction expertise, to guarantee a durable and long-lasting garden renovation.

Community Collaboration and Support

Local businesses, including Dragon Taxis, Edenstone Group, and OTL Group, are uniting to rectify the poor workmanship, demonstrating a strong commitment to the Torfaen community. They will cover all costs, relieving Lisa of any additional financial burden.

Holistic Garden Transformation

The project encompasses a complete overhaul, from the removal of substandard elements to the installation of new fencing and decking, ensuring a revitalized garden environment. Additionally, the introduction of suitable vegetation will enhance the overall aesthetic and functionality of the space.

"I was really surprised, but so grateful for the help that’s been offered to me. They’ve restored my confidence and helped me overcome my initial disappointment."

Lisa Potter


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