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About the Project

OTL successfully refurbished the secure mental health facility, Oaktree Manor Hospital, in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, over the course of a year, from July 2022 to July 2023. With a contract value of £1.5 million, the project included the creation of 40 new bedrooms with en-suite wet rooms, upgrades to living areas, and the addition of new communal spaces. The entire hospital underwent rewiring and received new HVAC systems, while anti-ligature and anti-barricade products were implemented for safety. Our close collaboration with hospital management ensured the facility reopened on schedule for new patients.

Scope of Works

  • Refurbishment of a secure mental health hospital

  • Addition of 40 new bedrooms with en-suite wet rooms

  • Upgrades to living areas and introduction of new communal rooms

  • Comprehensive rewiring and installation of new HVAC systems

  • Utilization of anti-ligature and anti-barricade products for safety

  • Value engineering strategies, including off-site powder coating for cost savings

  • Jobs Fair initiative resulting in five new hires, including long-term unemployed

  • Inclusion of eight new local suppliers in approved sub-contractor list for community economic benefits

Key Features

Ahead-of-Schedule Delivery

Proactive measures, like procuring pre-hung door sets, led to project completion one week ahead of schedule.

Innovative Value Engineering

Off-site powder coating of security screens saved over £90k for the client.

Community Impact

Jobs Fair initiative provided employment for five individuals, including a long-term unemployed individual, and added economic value to the community.

Transparent Community Engagement

Public Engagement Events and regular meetings with local Councillors ensured open communication with residents, addressing concerns and providing necessary information.

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